wizualizacje mieszkaƄ
KCVA Studio specializes in creating interactive visualizations of both interior and structural architecture.
The product is a portable software application that creates an impression of being inside the real object. We strongly believe that the only way to make the full and reliable recognition of spatial arrangements is to have a chance to move around in the project. A free walkthrough or a possibility to watch the room equipment from any angle will create an unique spatial experience.

Final application can be displayed on a touch monitor, touch table, touch screen or info kiosk. We are ready to deliver even more realistic experience with the OCULUS RIFT.


Is it a computer animation?
No, it is not. As opposed to animation, here it is the user who decides which part of the object he or she wants to see.

How is the interactive visualisation created?
First, just like in a typical 3D visualisation, the reference materials are collected, then the model and textures are prepared. The next step it is the creation of a preliminary model, which is consulted with the client.

What is the best computer configuration? Depends on a project. Minimum:
Dual Core processor.
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce or Ati Radeon.
Windows or MacOS.

How long does it take to create an interactive visualization?
Usually up to a few weeks.

Recent visualizations

Fort V, Warsaw POLAND

One of the many fortifications built in Warsaw during the 19th century when the city was part of the Russian Empire.
Comming soon

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Holy Trinity Church, Warsaw POLAND

The representation of one of the most beautiful Neoclassical Churches in Warsaw. Designed by Szymon Bogumil Zug. Constructed in 1781. The Church fell into ruin when bomber on September 16th, 1939. Reconstructed in 1958.

Download the application


Concept of a studio apartment.

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The Muranow Flat

Interior design by architect Monika Klimek - www.architekte.pl.

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